Brad Gerstman

Brad Gerstman is an impeccably dressed lobbyist and lawyer who believes in the art of personal style. Fashion is not frivolous and first impressions matter. For the fourth year in a row, Gerstman is releasing his much anticipated “Best Dressed Politicians” list.

In previous years, the list included New York City and state elected officials only, but as this was an election year, Gerstman has expanded his focus to Federal positions; however, the list is limited to male elects because, as Dirty Harry might say and Gerstman says: “A man’s gotta know his own limitations.”

Brad comments, “Politicians get a bad rap, but most elected officials don’t deserve to be painted by the same tarnished brush.” He continues, “Those who interact with elected officials in person, understand that these views can miss the mark, as politicians on the whole, are dedicated to their public and quite often, look good while representing the needs of their constituents.”

When Gerstman began to conduct his annual fashion survey four years ago, he started discovering lawmakers who believe that the way they presented themselves was important. Gerstman says, “I am extremely an unabashed fashionista and love it when the politicians I come to lobby, put my own efforts to dress to impress to shame. I especially love it when people in politics take some fashion risks to stand out from the crowd. A comparable female list awaits the judgment of someone with greater expertise in this area than me.”