Harriet Rose Katz: Chosen Few

Gourmet Advisory Services

Author and Event planner Harriette Rose Katz’s Gourmet Advisory Services will celebrate its 40th Anniversary in 2018. Harriette is regularly quoted as an expert in The New York Times, Town and Country, the Wall Street Journal and New York magazine. She was recently named the “Number One Wedding Planner in Manhattan” by New York Metro. “Because I’ve been in business so long, I know all the best people in my field. I love what I do,” said Katz. Her daughter Melissa Rosenbloom is the VP of the company and Harriette also works with her nieces Claudia Warner and Trisha Stern. They regularly do bar mitzvahs, anniversaries and weddings for three generations of the same family as well as cooperate events. gourmetadvisory.com

The Chosen Few

Three years ago Harriette used her passion for design and the culinary arts to create The Chosen Few, an elite event services collective with 20 members. This talented group is dedicated to executing the highest quality events from the invitations, flowers, food and décor to the lighting, music, photographs and more. Under Harriette’s magic touch, her team brings creativity, integrity and excellence to everything they do. “Before the Chosen Few there was no one to say who’s the best of the best, the way Michelin Stars rate restaurants,” says Harriette. This year two new companies were welcomed into this exclusive society, caterer Marianne Cordillo of Cupa Cabana Espresso and Floral Designer Sandra de Ovando whose clientele includes Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Jackman. Ovando also did the tablescapes and décor for this year Parrish Art Museum Gala. Hrkchosenfew.com