Mark Fleischman

Inside Studio 54

Can Studio 54 Be Born Again? Blared a New York magazine cover from September 1981, chronicling the reopening festivities of the legendary nightclub that had been shuttered when its owners were convicted of tax evasion. Mark Fleischman, an entrepreneur who bought the infamous hot spot from its founders Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, thought so. The article described the glittering crowd of thousands waiting for hours, in the rain, while the doorman, with all the power, “glowed.”

Mick Jagger: Champagne Swilling Debauchery

People magazine reported that the street was closed due to the clog of limos, while celebs like Jacqueline Bisset, Bjorn Borg and Cheryl Tiegs slipped in the back door. Fleischman was right, the place roared back to life, and he was in the middle of all the cocaine sniffing, champagne swilling debauchery, and he recounts all the juicy details in his upcoming book, “Inside Studio 54,” out September 19. In the book, you’ll find Mick Jagger befriending a young woman, Rick James entertaining in the ladies room, David Bowie hanging in Fleischman’s office, Michael Jackson taking refuge from the crowd in the DJ booth, and Barbara Walters co-hosting Roy Cohn’s birthday party.

Alec Baldwin & The Rubber Room

Alec Baldwin, who worked at the club as a busboy when he was a struggling actor, quit because the sexual antics in the club’s infamous “Rubber Room” left him “perpetually horny.” There are risks involved in running the world’s biggest party, and Fleischman became hooked on drugs, alcohol and wild sex. He recovered at Mexico’s health spa Rancho La Puerta after the Betty Ford didn’t work for him.