The Power of the Party

To really grab someone’s attention, you need to show them a good time. That is the Power of the Party; the capability of making connections, expanding your community, showcasing your brand, growing your publicity, and building trust, all with one event.

As a close friend of Andy Warhols, I learned all about publicity. This stemmed from his creation of Interview Magazine in 1969. Why did he start this magazine? To go to parties. We would interview important, fancy people and take their photos and it would go in the magazine, growing their publicity which leads to more parties.

As a publicist for artists, chefs, actors, and actresses, you name it, I see events and parties benefiting everyone. Whether it is opening night of a Broadway show, a new art exhibition in a gallery, the launch of a new product; never forget the power of the party. The power to get anyone of everyone important at one location, giving them an unforgettable and positive experience. There will be photos taken and interviews done that will grow publicity so that people who didn’t attend the event will wish they did.

One example is the art world. The art world is one big party. One of the most famous events is Art Basel, which has received criticism with artists and some critics for being too much of a party. However, one reason that people are in the art world is for the fun. They are there for the buzz and the Hollywood stars. They are there to purchase the million dollar artwork and after, attending the luxurious satellite parties with celebrities and famous artists. In the end, if there is a new artwork in town, there will be a party to celebrate it.

If you plan a successful party; one with a great crowd, fun music, delicious food, plenty of drinks, and a deserving cause, then you will grow your publicity, your audience and your reputation. So, never forget the Power of the Party.