Creepy & Spooky Macabre Antiques Just In Time For Halloween

Halloween is one only one day away and by now you should be in the spooky spirit. If you are not, that’s okay. Here is a list of macabre antiques that is sure to give you a thrill or the chills. These collectables are all being offered by M.S. Rau Antiques that is based in America’s most haunted city New Orleans. Therefore, it is quite appropriate they are offering these macabre gifts of history. Of course, it will cost you a pretty penny for your friend who is completely into the creepy and haunted scene. Check out the list below. A few of them were recently featured in the New York Daily News.

The Bronze Death Mask of Napoleon I

The bronze sculpture is a cast of Napoleon I’s death mask. One of the original molds was use to make this mask. It was custom built by Dr. Francesco Antommarchi who was also Napoleon’s personal doctor and friend. There are only several of these casts that exist in museums all over the world. You could own this part of history for only $34,500 and place it above your fireplace. It would be a great conversation starter with your guests while having tea in your living room. Get the full description here on M.S Rau Antiques.

The Iron Skull Crusher

Next on the list is this collector piece is crafted in the style of a 16th–century Iron Skull Crusher. The wrought iron mask was used for a gruesome form of punishment in the Middle Ages. How was it used? There are two screws positioned at the temple and when tightened it caused unbearable pressure on the skull. This piece earned the tittle of “Skull Crusher” because it’s capable of causing extensive and often lethal damage. The price of this torture device is available upon request. Get the full description here on M.S Rau Antiques.

Siberian Ice Age Cave Bear Skeleton

The third item on the list is a little less gruesome than the first two. It is extremely rare to come across a skeleton of an Ice Age Siberian cave bear cub in exceptional condition. This skeleton was discovered in the 1960’s and was marvelously preserved. The Siberian cave bear cub lived during the Pleistocene Age around 30,000 B.C.E There were also bone formations found on altars in caves that indicate Neanderthals worshiped the cave bear. You can purchase this cute little skeleton for $44,500 and place him on your coffee table. Get the full description here on M.S Rau Antiques.

Wolf Head Iron Mask

The final collectable item is this Wolf Head Iron Mask that was used for a social punishment in the Middle Ages. It represents the bizarre form of punishment and is known as a “shame mask” because of the muzzle-like device. Usually the shape of the mental masks symbolized the nature of one’s crime. Ugly faces with long tongues represented gossip and pig snouts indicated poor hygiene. Most “Shame Masks” from that time was used to discipline women but the shape of a wolf head often was used to punish men of vulgar behavior or used abusive language. It served as a tool of public shame and humiliation to punish non-violent offenders. The price of this wolf mask is available upon request as well.Get the full description here on M.S Rau Antiques.