Halloween is almost here and its time to plan out the last few pieces of your Halloween bash! You’ve got your costume, you’ve got your decorations, and now its time to figure out what Halloween cocktails you’ll be serving to scare all your guests. Halloween party drinks are a chance to get creative and experiment so make sure to have a little fun while playing bartender for the night. We’ve listed all different types of drinks below from creepy cocktails to bloody punches that will surely spook all your guests. There are also some tips and tricks to help you decorate your drinks so all these beverages scream Halloween.

If you’re looking for Halloween cocktail recipes, this is the spot for you. From drinks that are black as night to candy infused vodka, these concoctions are sure to be enjoyed by all.

Liquid Ghost – Ghosts are a Halloween icon, so why not give them a presence at your party in cocktail form.

Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail – This drink is more on the cute side, but these orange cocktails are simple and delicious. Don’t forget to make the adorable pumpkin topper.

The Blackbeard Cocktail – Looking for a drink that’s dark as night? This cocktail is the answer. It’s also got a surprising ingredient.

Children of the Corn Cocktail – This creepy cocktail uses a Halloween staple, candy corn, but with a little twist.

Dracula’s Kiss – A few of these drinks and you’ll be looking for a vampire to flirt with for the rest of the night.


Party punches are a great and simple way to serve a large group of people, with little effort. These mixtures stray far from the typical fruit punch so get ready to brew up a little Halloween happiness.

Pumpkin Punch – Pumpkin is a Halloween staple so it’s only natural that it makes an appearance. A foggy pumpkin is sure too spook everyone.


Bloody Rum Punch – This sangria is perfect for Halloween. The blood red color is wonderfully wicked.


Halloween Eyeball Punch – This punch will shock some of your guests with the lychee-blueberry eyeballs that will be floating around in the bowl.



Shots are a great way to liven up a party and these Halloween ones are no different. The recipes below will give your guest some fun, yet creepy shots to help them celebrate the holiday.

Candy Corn Shots – Candy corn shots are a must have at any Halloween party. These shots will remind everyone why they’re such an essential.


Bloody Mary Test Tubes – Bloody looking test tube shots will have your friends feeling like they’re in an evil scientist’s lair.


Floating Eyeball Jello Shots – These eye-catching shots will have your guests giggling. The original recipe doesn’t have any alcohol in it, but it’s easy to mix in.


Brain Hemorrhage Shot – This shot is sure to make your brain bleed with how creepy it looks.


Garnishes and Tricks

Not only do you want your drinks to taste good, but they also need to look good. With the tricks below, people will be snapping pictures of your cocktails for their Halloween Instagram post.

Dry Ice – Give your cocktails a spooky, smoky effect, by adding dry ice to your drinks. The fog is sure to entice the partygoers. The link below has instructions on how to use dry ice properly and safely.


Surprise Brains – Add a little surprise to your cocktails. This brain-like Jello is sure to make your guests squeal.


Lab equipment – Substitute your martini glasses with beakers and test tubes to give your bar a mad scientist vibe. The link below will also give you a cool mixing trick to make you feel like a chemical genius.


Now you’ve got a list of spooky drinks that are sure to have your guests cackling with delight. Your Halloween cocktail party is sure to be a scream.