Couri’s Comments on Social Climbing and Modern Mooching

Our very own R. Couri Hay has been featured in Town and Country! The February 2018 issue, with Sarah Paulson on the cover, includes a spread talking about social climbing and mooching in the modern day. Long gone are the days of marrying rich to break into the upper class. We’ve switched out “gold-digging’ with ‘friend-digging’ also known as making friends with the wealthy and powerful to have access to all their perks. Social media has helped spur the push for friend-digging, because it makes it easy to see who you’re with instantly.

Couri Hay has been working in the socialite world for many years now. Hired as a publicist for social figures looking to make their names bigger, Mr. Hay is very familiar with how to get people into the right parties and seen by the right people. His job is to help people make a name for themselves.

Check out what Couri and others have to say about being a modern mooch below or pick up a copy of the February issue of Town and Country to read the story.