The Chosen Few Member Marianne Cordillo Featured in Catering Magazine

With the holidays, here everyone is hopping from parties to events and there are many caterers and venues collaborating to make sure they are producing amazing parties for their clients. This holiday season the September / December issue of Catering Magazine featured our client Marianne Cordillo member of The Chosen Few for Cupa Cabana a premier espresso and coffer catering provider for events.

Over the last 25 years, Cupa Cabana has been the premier Espresso & Coffee Catering provider in New York and New Jersey. They have worked with numerous well-known brands including Estee Lauder, Chase and Yahoo offering up proprietary blends of espresso beans from around the globe and provide unparalleled service.

Owned by Marianne Cordillo, the idea for Cupa Cabana came about when Cordillo attended a beautiful wedding with her husband Pat. When the night ended Marianne and her husband awaited their steaming cup of coffee to prepare them for the drive home. Unfortunately, the lovely evening was capped off with a bitter cup of coffee leaving a true damper on the evening. It was there that Marianne was inspired to create Cupa Cabana to ensure events and weddings would end on a high note.

Check out her profile feature in the September / December 2017 issue here.