INE Entertainment’s Eric Day on Cheddar


Alyssa Smith from the Cheddar talks with our client INE Entertainment’s producer and partner Eric Day about what makes great TV. INE Entertainment has created content for a range of different publishers such as Verizon’s Go90, Fullscreen, Complex, and Lionsgate. The company is at the forefront of the industry and produces long form, short form, branded, non-branded, scripted, non-scripted content. Eric has been part of the most innovative partnerships in the business and is challenging tradition by introducing new finance and distribution models. He was asked what he believes is the kind of content that is getting the most traction now and he replied, “traction as in distribution sales and audience it’s content that has really strong point of view that distinguishes it.” Bland and overly networked content that you can plug in and play some sort of talent doesn’t work at all. The audience can see right through it. Therefor from a developing perspective, he starts with talent that is either in front of the camera or in back of the camera that has a strong point of view and strong unique view on the world and if you can tell their authentic story or empower their story to be told. You have the makings of a hit. A great example of this is “Making a Scene with James Franco” that INE has produced.


Watch the full interview here: Eric Day on Cheddar