New York Daily News: Dottie Herman Honored At Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2017

Six-time Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles who wrote and starred in the Broadway hit Waitress burst into song at the United Nations while accepting her award during Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. The star belted out a chorus of her song “Brave” declaring “This is my thesis of life.” When asked if she’d ever been a victim of sexual assault she said, “Luckily no but we all deal with misogyny because we are girls. I remember having to send pictures of myself to record executives to get an approval of what I was wearing on stage. I was stomping my feet going. I’ve been dressing myself for quite a few years why do I have to send pictures of myself to get an approval of what I’m wearing.“ Also being honored at the UN was Douglas Elliman’s CEO Dottie Herman who received the Pioneer Award for Business. She said, “Right after 9/11 I borrowed $72 million dollars to buy the company, my banker said, ‘I’m crazy to lend you the money.’ I’m proud to say that we now have 110 offices in six states with a sales volume of $27.4 billion dollars.”