New York Post: Hope for Depression Research Foundation Teams up with NFL Legend Joe Namath

This pass Sunday many football fans were crowed around in their living rooms or were at their local sports bars cheering on whichever team they wanted to see in Super Bowl LII. Sunday was filled of two intense games; the first was Minnesota Vikings against the Philadelphia Eagles and the second game that was on the majority of America’s TV’s was the New England Patriots battling the Jacksonville Jaguars. If you weren’t able to catch the games, you should know that the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will be playing at Super Bowl LII on February, 4th.

With Super Bowl almost among us, it’s important to still remember that pass the friendly competition and team rivals there are many NFL players who are giving back to charities and their communities, wither they are still playing on the field or an NFL alumni. This is the perfect time to highlight the good that the members of this organization are bringing to the nation off the field.

Many of the current and retired players are using their fan base and platform to raise funds for a number of charities and are even creating their own foundations for current issues they want to make a difference in. It’s incredible to see this long list of NFL alumni and players getting involved in causes they are passion about and contributing in any way they can. You can say they are making an impact off the field as well. There is a trend of players helping to benefit their local communities where they are from. For an example, Deshaun Watson donated his first game check of this season to three Houstonian’s who currently work in the Texan’s cafeteria. Many articles mention that Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals can be considered NFL’s most generous players who created the “Foundation for Success” which aims to offer low-income youth and students with programs and resources to reach their full potential.

Recently our client, Audrey Gruss founder of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation has teamed up with the football legend Joe Namath for a joint fundraiser. He celebrated the 49th Anniversary of being named MVP during his Super Bowl victory in 1969 at Audrey Gruss’ home in Palm Beach. This was the game where although the Jets were the underdogs, they ended up battering the Baltimore Colts 16 to 7. The iconic quarterback, who famously wore a pair of panty hose in a commercial for Hanes in 1974, told Nick Korniloff and Gruss that his new campaign to raise ten million dollars to fund an FDA study on traumatic brain injuries will be “my toughest game yet.” Namath expressed that, ”players with brain injuries were the underdogs today and I want to fight for them.” Gruss will co-host a joint fundraiser with the NFL icon for her Hope for Depression Research Foundation and the Joe Namath Neurological Research Center at the opening of Korniloff’s Art New York fair on May 3rd. This powerful collaboration was featured in the New York Post. Check out the article here -> New York Post